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Supply Chain Visibility

Optimize your supply chain—and your bottom line.

Know when, how and why across your supply chain:

  • • Instrument the process at key action points with end-to-end process monitoring, dashboards and alerts
  • • Intelligently detect and diagnose anomalies, enabling both real-time and right-time action, protecting your customers and your bottom line
  • • Get actionable knowledge and root-cause analysis for your supply chain activity

Gain end-to-end visibility into your supply chain

Visibility into your business processes can help you optimize your supply chain like never before. Gain the integration, visibility, control and agility you need to run a superlative supply chain with Software AG.

Using our solution, you can automatically connect critical upstream and downstream processes, seamlessly pulling data from disparate silos and showing how each distinct part affects your overall business.

You also can target key performance indicators and surface powerful facts about your operation's current processes. It's the kind of actionable information that lets you perform root-cause analyses throughout the supply chain.

With your new insights, you can implement new rules and workflows to optimize your supply chain, saving your firm time and money. You’ll be able to react quickly to changes, whether it's a simple change to a supplier's SLA or a global disruption caused by a major event.

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