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Continuous assurance is the optimized state of control.

Build TRUST with your company’s stakeholders:

  • • Increase transparency about risks & compliance, business performance and strategy execution
  • • Change the compliance burden into a strategic advantage
  • • Guarantee the continuity and reliability of businesses processes

Key Benefits

  • For the first line of defense (COO, BU director and department manager)
    • Increase value through improved financial and operating controls
    • Accelerate reporting to support more rapid decision-making and business improvement
    • Detect exceptions in real time to enable immediate responses and reduce damage
    • Replace manual preventative controls with automated detective controls to increase efficiency and traceability
    • Identify control issues in real time with automatic alerting and remediation
  • For the second line of defense (CRO, CCO and legal)
    • Reduce ongoing compliance costs
    • Get notification and impact analysis at regulatory change
    • Establish a more automated, risk-based control environment with lower labor costs
    • Heighten competitive advantage by turning risk into value
    • Single point of truth for all GRC master data, such as risks, controls, regulatory requirements, processes and IT
  • For the third & fourth lines of defense (internal auditors, external auditors)
    • Improve risk and control assurance, usually in the same or less time than previous approaches
    • Reduce costs, including internal audit costs and costs associated with unaddressed control deficiencies
    • Achieve a more robust, more effective auditing process
    • Expand internal audit coverage with minimal incremental cost
    • Shorten audit cycles

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