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State & Local Government - Citizen Engagement

Improving government service delivery through real-time, accurate and complete information.

At the heart of our standards-based solution is the world’s fastest information exchange engine, which:

  • • Installs quickly and easily
  • • Provides fast integration
  • • Uses standards-based, re-usable components
  • • Supports industry standards

Key Benefits

With Intelligent GRC, you gain far-reaching benefits for stakeholders across all lines of defense:

  • Increase accuracy and real-time accessibility
    • Reduce manual tasks, duplicate data entry and other opportunities for error
    • Accommodate different data types, including photos, videos and document images
    • Track individuals and cases across organizations
    • Automate information exchanged between agencies and systems
    • Share complete, accurate data
  • Integrate multiple, disparate and high-volume sources while adhering to industry standards
    • Exploit existing technology investments
    • Create a single, searchable portal with real-time access
    • Easily and securely extend information sharing to app developers, researchers, academics and citizens for open data and public data initiatives
    • Secure every communication between systems and agencies
  • Measure citizen engagement program effectiveness
    • Send proactive, exception-based alerts
    • Base metrics on a single set of data
    • Monitor and report using real-time data
    • Make predictive analysis possible
    • Deliver analytics in easy-to-understand dashboards

Citizen Engagement Infographic

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