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State & Local Government - Citizen Engagement

Improving government service delivery through real-time, accurate and complete information.

At the heart of our standards-based solution is the world’s fastest information exchange engine, which:

  • • Installs quickly and easily
  • • Provides fast integration
  • • Uses standards-based, re-usable components
  • • Supports industry standards

Integrate, collaborate and optimize.

With our solutions, you can obtain real-time information in a single view from across government departments, work order systems and channels through an easy-to-use tool with re-usable components. This solution incorporates industry standards that provide access to data from almost anywhere—without coding or custom development. By integrating existing systems, you obtain immediate citizen engagement value through inter-agency collaboration and real-time decision-making, leveraging data and processes that are already familiar to government customer service agents.

Additionally, introducing analytics to internal and external sources can expose trends and patterns for immediate government action and future municipal planning efforts. These results are presented in an interactive dashboard, customizable to executive leadership, council members and department heads. Information can also easily be made available for open data and public data initiatives.