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AgileApps Cloud


AgileApps Live Video:
Learn how AgileApps Live, part of Software AG Live, enables businesses to visually create situational and case management applications. Applications are quickly developed, social and mobile-enabled, multi-tenant and deployable anywhere.

Software AG Cloud Solutions

If you are responsible for quick delivery of business applications, then you need AgileApps Live in your toolbox

AgileApps Live is a multi-application cloud platform that quickly allows your business units or IT to assemble applications to meet the needs of an ever-changing government. Our state and local government clients have seen immediate benefit from AgileApps Live in areas of:

  • Vital Records Management
  • Licensing/Permitting
  • Citizens Engagement
  • Park Services Management
  • Employee On/Off-boarding
  • JPS/Criminal Case Management
  • Human Services Case Management
  • IT Service Desk Management
  • Knowledge-bases
  • Emergency Alerts and Notifications

AgileApps Live helps business analysts create situational and case management applications. Designed for easy visual customization, someone with MSOffice-like skills can change processes, business rules, e-forms, reports, dashboards, connect with Facebook or Twitter, collaborate with team members, and access information from any mobile device.