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State & Local Government - Government Interoperability Framework

Modernizing governments by integrating existing systems.

Software AG provides a single platform with comprehensive integration capabilities for:

  • • Integrating and managing applications, mobile devices, services, big data and APIs in the cloud, in your own data center or both
  • • Leveraging analytics to monitor trends and patterns
  • • Making the right decision at the right time with the right information

Single platform, comprehensive integration.

Agency IT departments are responsible for providing government leaders with information in a timely manner to improve decision-making, but sometimes data cannot be found. Agencies must also meet legislative requests and deliver information and services to citizens when they need it. To satisfy these requests, integration across systems, applications, silos and devices must exist.

Having an integration strategy will help you tackle modernization challenges while allowing your agency to take advantage of the new opportunities to innovate, grow and become more responsive to your constituents. With a sound integration strategy, agencies can address new needs such as syncing existing systems of record with their new cloud-based systems, expanding citizen portals to include mobile users and public APIs, and combining events from devices and equipment with data for analytics.