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True, they don’t handle 911 public safety emergencies, but 311 call centers are an important barometer of how seriously municipalities view citizen inquiries and non-urgent complaints. So much good will can come from being known as the city that rapidly responds to complaints about un-picked-up garbage and potholes. On the flipside, which city wants a reputation for lost complaints, callers bounced from one customer service rep to another, and a 9-1-1 system that is over-burdened because frustrated residents abandon 3-1-1 and start dialing 9-1-1?

The secret to an effective 311 system is really so simple: get the many back-end systems to talk to each other and share data! Here are examples of success:

  • A Canadian city’s "single window/no wrong door" contact center revolutionized its 311 processing. Even with 7,000 calls per day, transfers are down, service standards/expectations are being met, and first-call resolution rate is at 76 percent.
  • A U.S. city streamlined the complaint submission process, resulting in decreased processing time and quicker issue resolution—a necessity when government is responsible for more than 8 million residents who, during weather emergencies, have been known to log more than a quarter of a million 311 calls daily.