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State & Local Government - Justice & Public Safety

Break down silos, share information and integrate disparate, high-volume sources.

Gain a single view of real-time data using our standards-based solution, which:

  • • Provides fast integration
  • • Comes with pre-built Information Exchange
  • • Expedites implementation and ensures project success via Package Documentations (IEPDs)
  • • Incorporates an IEPD life-cycle approach to reduce effort for development and support


Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting | Single Source of Truth | Secure Communication | Robust Integration | Standards Support

Robust Integration

Count on the agility needed for criminal justice agencies

Our solution, which is based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technology, allows agencies to effectively manage data across disparate, heterogeneous systems.


Our advanced ESB allows you to create an agile enterprise while maximizing existing IT investments.

At its core is a platform that combines proven application integration capabilities, high-speed messaging, B2B support, legacy applications and event-driven technologies to create the most complete integration infrastructure available. Based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), our ESB platform enables agencies to move quickly to address changing market needs.

Faster development, fewer mistakes

Software AG’s solution takes application development to the next level with integrated capabilities to build and deploy rich, Web 2.0-based applications that are perfectly synchronized with your process development lifecycle. Composite application development helps speed application delivery time by as much as 75 percent.