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State & Local Government - Justice & Public Safety

Break down silos, share information and integrate disparate, high-volume sources.

Gain a single view of real-time data using our standards-based solution, which:

  • • Provides fast integration
  • • Comes with pre-built Information Exchange
  • • Expedites implementation and ensures project success via Package Documentations (IEPDs)
  • • Incorporates an IEPD life-cycle approach to reduce effort for development and support


Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting | Single Source of Truth | Secure Communication | Robust Integration | Standards Support

Standards Support

Standards help to facilitate integration and adoption of our solution

Our solution fully supports important Justice and Public Safety standards such as Justice Reference Architecture (JRA), National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and Global Federated Identity Privilege Management (GFIPM).

Using our solution, an agency can communicate with external systems through a wide array of connectivity options, such as:

  • Internet transfer protocols – HTTP(S), SMTP, S/MIME, FTP, POP3, IMAP
  • Messaging support – JMS, Custom ESB (via Adapter or API integration)
  • Middleware and language support – CORBA, MQ Series (WebSphere MQ), MSMQ, Oracle Advance Queuing, Tuxedo, C/C++, DCOM/COM and Java
  • Mainframe support – SNA (LU0, LU2, LU6.2), TN3270, CICS, IMS/TM OTMA, IMS/DB, JES Publish, CICS Publish
  • Web Service (WS) standards – including SOAP, UDDI, WS-Addressing, WS-BPEL, WSDL, WS-Discovery, WS-Eventing, WS-Notification, WS-Reliable Messaging, WSDM, WS-I, and WS-Security (including SOAP over SSL, HTTP Basic Authentication, HTTP Digest, JAAS and WS-Signatures)
  • Adapter support – JDBC, AS/400, LDAP, SAP, Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, JDE OneWorld, JDE World, Broadvision, i2 Technologies, Siebel, Clarify, EJB, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Informatica, Ariba On-ramp, Commerce One, UCCNet, EDI, RosettaNet, FIX, SWIFT, ebXML, HIPAA, PapiNet
  • All major XML and B2B standards – ACORD, HIPAA, BizTalk, CPFR, cXML, FIXML, FpML, OAG, OBI, RosettaNet, SOAP (over HTTP/JMS), W3C XML, W3C XML Schema, xCBL
  • Data standards – including EDI/B2B/XML standards and custom flat file formats with delimited, fixed or variable length records
  • Financial protocols – FIX (4.0, 4.1, 4.2), SWIFT 7775 and 15022, NACHA, GSTPA
  • File and directory polling