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State & Local Government - Justice & Public Safety

Break down silos, share information and integrate disparate, high-volume sources.

Gain a single view of real-time data using our standards-based solution, which:

  • • Provides fast integration
  • • Comes with pre-built Information Exchange
  • • Expedites implementation and ensures project success via Package Documentations (IEPDs)
  • • Incorporates an IEPD life-cycle approach to reduce effort for development and support


Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting | Single Source of Truth | Secure Communication | Robust Integration | Standards Support

Single Source of Truth

Get accurate and complete information—it’s essential for criminal justice agencies

Avoid conflicting information and get a single version of the truth. Too often "Don" in one system is "Donald" in another. On top of that, critical information can be scattered across systems and stored in different formats. All of this makes sharing accurate information difficult and time-consuming. Save time and reduce the risk of sharing inaccurate or incomplete information throughout the public safety and justice network by using our solution.

Master Data Management

Our solution unifies and manages reference data, providing consistent and comprehensive access across the enterprise. Users manage the location, relationships and interactions of master data with an easy graphical user interface.

You’ll be able to manage the entire life cycle of master data, independent of the data type or location. Consolidating the data from different sources into a unified data model, our solution helps the enterprise maintain a "single version of the truth." It can be used to push data updates across related data as well as to propagate changes made in one source data to other related areas – and keep them in sync.

Learn about webMethods OneData for Master Data Management.


Cross-referencing helps coordinate an entity’s IDs in one system to an ID in another system. It’s critical when accessing and synchronizing information across many systems.

A library of cross-referencing services is provided as part of the solution’s core Enterprise Service Bus. These built-in services include functionality to manipulate:

  • Latches (echo suppression)
  • Cross-reference entries
  • Canonical keys
  • Native and object IDs

These services are typically leveraged within composite integration services to provide fully functional cross-referencing logic and functionality.