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State & Local Government - Justice & Public Safety

Break down silos, share information and integrate disparate, high-volume sources.

Gain a single view of real-time data using our standards-based solution, which:

  • • Provides fast integration
  • • Comes with pre-built Information Exchange
  • • Expedites implementation and ensures project success via Package Documentations (IEPDs)
  • • Incorporates an IEPD life-cycle approach to reduce effort for development and support


What is Software AG’s experience in justice & public safety?
In California, 71 local, state and federal agencies share justice information using our solution. In the northeast, our solution connects local, state and federal databases to consolidate warrant searches. The police department in the largest city in the U.S. uses our software for bookings online and personnel applications—proving we understand justice and public safety requirements.

Is the solution easy to use and learn?
A person doesn’t need to be a developer to use our solution. Anyone can use it without extensive training, assuring a short learning curve with fewer staff resources. In fact, we often find that five to 10 times more resources are required to implement a similar solution with our competitors' products—dramatically changing the overall solution cost.

Does the solution conform with standards?
The Software AG solution is 100% compliant with criminal justice standards, such as Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM), National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and the Global Federated Identity Privilege Management (GFIPM) standard.

Will the solution scale with our future demands?
Yes. Our solution is easy to expand because it’s built on a fully integrated software suite. We can meet an agency’s needs today, in the near-term and in the future—enabling a lower cost of entry and a future-proof solution. Our technology is a stable, trusted platform. Billions of transactions run through our software at some of the largest corporations in the world, every day.

Does your solution reduce the demands on our overworked personnel?
Yes. Through end-to-end process automation, our solution helps to reduce or eliminate repetitive manual tasks, making processes transparent and improving workflows. Agencies can do more with less, operate more efficiently and increase visibility of critical information.

What do the analysts think of your technology?
Our technology is highly rated by both Gartner and Forrester. Count on our technology to reduce your risks and assure a dependable, market-leading solution for information sharing.

Are reporting tools easy to use?
Software AG understands that visibility, control and auditability are critical to sharing justice & public safety information. That’s why our solution provides a full set of reporting and visualization tools, such as dashboards and out-of-the-box reporting focused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). As a result, agencies can share information more easily and act faster.

Does your solution lock us into a proprietary application framework?
No. While many can develop without system coding using a visual Eclipse-based interface, our solution is built upon a 100% Java platform. If you want to leverage native code, you can utilize Java or any language that can communicate with Java, such as COM, C, C#, C++ or Microsoft BizTalk.

How does the solution populate and update a set of master indices?
You can manage the entire life cycle of master data, independent of the data type or location. Consolidating data from different sources into a unified data model, our solution helps an agency maintain a “single version of the truth.” It can be used to push data updates across related data as well as to propagate changes made in one source data to other related areas – and keep them in sync.

How does the messaging solution process, manage and diagnose messages between systems and agencies?
A broker provides the foundation for an event-driven architecture, enabling agencies to execute real-time, message-oriented interactions in support of mission-critical applications. The Java Messaging System (JMS) broker manages message routing between applications and performs the essential queuing, storage and filtering functions required for mission-critical, inter-application integration and complex-event processing.