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State & Local Government - Justice & Public Safety

Break down silos, share information and integrate disparate, high-volume sources.

Gain a single view of real-time data using our standards-based solution, which:

  • • Provides fast integration
  • • Comes with pre-built Information Exchange
  • • Expedites implementation and ensures project success via Package Documentations (IEPDs)
  • • Incorporates an IEPD life-cycle approach to reduce effort for development and support

Share Information - Faster

Agencies can integrate, share, repurpose and see information easily with our solution, which acts as a "connector" between different systems, departments and levels of government. A person doesn’t need to be a developer to use our solution. No extensive training’s required. Depending on an agency’s requirements, the solution can incorporate software from the ARIS Platform, webMethods and CentraSite. Software AG works with a strong network of leading system integrators to deliver turnkey solutions. Contact us to prove our value at no cost!