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State & Local Government - Health & Human Services

Improving healthcare services to citizens through technology.

Integrate multiple, siloed systems for meaningful connectivity:

  • • Consolidate intra-agency program information
  • • Access information across agencies and jurisdictions
  • • Comply with Affordable Care Act regulations to connect to the federal data hub and health insurance marketplaces
  • • Implement new requirements for Medicaid and health insurance eligibility


How State & Local Governments Benefit

More than 30 government organizations with thousands of users are reaping the benefits of Software AG’s Health & Human Services solutions. In the past year alone, Software AG assisted six states in meeting the required deadlines of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). One of Software AG’s clients passed all of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) testing requirements two months in advance of the October 1 deadline.

Here are just a few success stories that showcase how governments are using the Software AG solution for immediate impact on the citizen services they provide:

  • ACA certification—in 90 DAYS: A Midwestern U.S. State needed help to meet the aggressive deadlines of the ACA. In a matter of weeks, Software AG’s solutions allowed this State to develop and test five new services that integrated its existing technology with the new federal data hub and federally-facilitated marketplace. All five services received CMS’s Certificate for Pre-Production Connectivity in August 2013, well before the October deadline. With the ACA requirements now met, the state is leveraging this integration framework to modernize its integrated eligibility system.

  • "Deadbeat Dads" don’t drive: Through its Data Sharing Services (DSS), the State of Georgia developed a creative, powerful tool to motivate Georgia parents who owe child support: Pay up or lose your state-issued licenses—hunting, professional, vehicle, driver’s. By linking real-time data between State agencies, including the Departments of Human Services and Natural Resources, Corrections and Driver Services, license applications can be denied immediately and existing licenses suspended before the parent falls too far into arrears. Once the debt has been paid, the real-time data exchange makes it possible for the State to reinstate the licenses promptly. Result? Georgia’s children get the support they’re owed, while each agency can focus on streamlining the services it provides to better meet citizen needs. Learn more about the details of Georgia’s successful implementation.

  • Timely service to those in need: What frustrates dedicated government employees most is outdated technology that prevents them from providing excellent, efficient service to citizens, especially those struggling to find help amid the numerous programs. Several states have brought the entire process online using the Software AG solution. Eliminating paper forms—and integrating formerly repetitive processes—means that citizens can find out immediately what benefits they’re eligible to receive. In some cases, the online solution also enables citizens to manage their ongoing social service benefits. Consolidating the application process across State agencies also helps identify attempts at abuse and fraud.

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