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State & Local Government - Health & Human Services

Improving healthcare services to citizens through technology.

Integrate multiple, siloed systems for meaningful connectivity:

  • • Consolidate intra-agency program information
  • • Access information across agencies and jurisdictions
  • • Comply with Affordable Care Act regulations to connect to the federal data hub and health insurance marketplaces
  • • Implement new requirements for Medicaid and health insurance eligibility

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Software AG’s solution for health and human services?

Software AG’s solutions for health and human services deliver outcomes that help address programmatic challenges to help agencies focus on the mission of serving citizens in need. Our solutions transform complex legacy systems into modern, agile systems that enable agencies to easily respond to change, align with industry standards and ultimately allow caseworkers to improve delivery of services to citizens.

What make the Software AG solution different?

Bottom line: We understand that working with legacy mainframe systems is difficult. That getting to the data is difficult. That making changes—to data or processes—is difficult. And that every agency and department has their own legacy system challenges that pose obstacles to a successful outcome.

We also understand that often what’s already there isn’t going to be replaced wholesale. That’s why Software AG’s solution capitalizes on connecting your existing IT investments. We have years of experience across thousands of users to offer you in finding the optimal solution for your situation. And all of that comes as part of a solution that doesn’t lock you into a proprietary application framework.

It’s that experience and flexibility that has led both Gartner and Forrester to name us leaders in a lot of categories, including Application Integration, Big Data, Business Process Analysis and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). View the full list.

Who uses it?

More than 30 states and U.S. territories with thousands of users are reaping the benefits of Software AG’s Health & Human Services solutions. From Medicaid, TANF and SNAP to child welfare and child support, Software AG’s solutions are used in all major health and human services programs. In the past year alone, Software AG assisted six states in meeting the required deadlines of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).