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State & Local Government - Public Utilities

Provide utilities quickly, efficiently and accurately!

Leverage information and improve efficiencies like never before:

  • • Manage distributed renewable energy resources
  • • Detect and resolve energy theft issues
  • • Perform real time T&D event correlation
  • • Perform conditioned based asset maintenance
  • • Cohesively integrate IT and OT systems for robust energy analytics

Reduce utility theft and improve efficiencies.

Utility providers of all sizes have seen an increase in both internal and external pressures. These pressures often times push their goals out of reach. For one, they understand the need for modernization. The systems and processes that have been in place since inception are outdated. Maintenance costs are rising, regulations are stricter, profits and revenues are decreasing so the need to modernize is clear.

Software AG provides a wide range of solutions to move your IT environment into the 21st century and allow for any and all enhancements that you want to make to your environment, such as:

  • Leveraging real-time incoming alerts from smart meters
  • Complying with environmental regulations
  • Managing capacity requirements based on consumption patterns compared to historical levels
  • Increasing revenues and profits
  • Improving operational safety and excellence
To learn more about how our utility solutions all work together, view our Digital Business Platform.