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Solution Manufactoring

Leverage real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to optimally maintain equipment.

Maintain the highest equipment availability while decreasing current costs:

  • • Avoid costly corrective or preventative maintenance
  • • Ensure performance and availability utilizing real-time sensor data for condition monitoring and prediction
  • • Diminish technician overtime and “just in case” spare parts inventory levels

Key Benefits

  • Decrease costs with predictive maintenance
    • Predict maintenance failures and perform maintenance when needed, not on a suggested schedule
    • Increase output quality by understanding when equipment needs repair prior to quality being degraded
    • Perform maintenance when needed, not on a suggested schedule
    • Monitor and understand service technician tasks and performance in real time
    • Carry only needed inventory of replacement parts
  • Increase operational effectiveness, reduce ongoing compliance costs
    • Increase product quality through higher-performing equipment
    • Perform maintenance activities only during planned periods
    • Decrease unplanned stoppages due to equipment failure
    • Complete a higher quantity of work orders in less time
  • Increase product quality
    • Increase peak performance of equipment through continuous condition monitoring
    • Predict degradation to intervene before equipment performance impacts product quality

Predictive maintenance by Software AG

Predictive Maintenance by Software AG

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