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Manage logistics efficiently to delight customers while releasing working capital.

Monitor and synchronize logistics across many providers:

  • • Analyze streaming data from environmental sensors, traffic feeds, telematics systems, geopolitical risk systems and more
  • • Gain actionable insights into what’s happening now and about to happen
  • • Accurately project arrival time—and react immediately to emerging issues

Key Benefits

  • Derive insight from the Internet of Things
    • Connect with real-time sensors, telematics, third-party data streams and more
    • Factor in real-time information from logistics provider vehicles, ships, rail cars and more
    • Synchronize 3PL activities to ensure optimal operations while meeting customer and enterprise requirements
  • Minimize waste and scheduling inefficiency
    • Enable timely actions and accurate predictions with real-time aggregation and analysis of streaming data
    • Produce trusted actionable insights from powerful predictive engines that merge real-time and historical data
    • Synchronize data among multiple parties and processes with connectivity tools can rapidly share data
  • Expand the effect of smart logistics
    • Offer valuable new client services, such as precise arrival coordination and contextual route and product handling support for e-invoices
    • Capture and manage data from a wide range of sources to see patterns and trends that can lead to new business models, partner relationships or practice efficiencies


Smart Logistics by Software AG

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