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To manage fluids at the wellsite, you must manage the flow of fluids to the site.

Know what you need, when and where you need it—and what you’ve done with it:

  • • Gain real-time insights into the status of fluid supply and demand via dashboards, analytics and automated alarms
  • • Streamline and optimize water acquisition, delivery and payments integrating with external suppliers and internal supply chain management solutions
  • • Satisfy the information needs of stakeholders and regulators using analytics reporting tools

Key Benefits

  • Gain real-time insights through dashboards and analytics
    • See a real-time view of fluid volumes onsite, ordered, in transit and in disposal
    • Monitor fluids use and optimize water acquisition based on expected needs, thanks to analytical engines
    • Gain real-time insights into the volumes of fluids injected into and recaptured from a wellsite by integrating with drill site monitoring and historian tools
  • Integrate business processes with vendors to streamline water acquisition, delivery and payments
    • Optimize the water acquisition supply chain by integrating order management systems with water supply vendors and delivery companies
    • Ensure timely delivery of needed fluids by factoring in real-time information from the drill site to automatically order water and manage delivery logistics
    • Automate replenishment and payment processes to ensure timely vendor payments with minimal internal overhead
  • Keep stakeholders and regulators well informed
    • Consolidate information on all aspects of fluids use, storage, delivery, recapture and more from systems throughout the supply chain
    • Deliver accurate, comprehensive reports to stakeholders and regulators on demand

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