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Your ticket to streamlined information exchange and data integration within your retail ecosystem.

Move information—and merchandise—more effectively:

  • • Exchange product, sales, inventory, shipping and other information with any supplier or partner solution
  • • Interact with large numbers of ecosystem partners quickly and efficiently
  • • On-board and engage partners quickly and cost effectively

Key Benefits

  • Operate on the scale that suits you
    • Automate supplier on-boarding and collaboration using configurable components
    • Routinely manage millions of interactions—with thousands of partners—each day
    • Scale the solution for security and high-speed, high-volume interactions
  • Engage retail partners easily and reliably using proven B2B information exchange standards
    • Save time with pre-built support for EDI, XML, RosettaNet®, SOAP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMPT, FTP, EDIINT and more
  • Deploy rapidly and cost effectively
    • Implement the solution in as little as two weeks
    • Avoid a rip and replace—the solution extends and complements an established IT infrastructure

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