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Take a streamlined approach to integrating Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

See what you can do with a standards-based energy analytics bus:

  • • Connect your AMI to your IT architecture and other operations technology assets
  • • Accelerate AMI application integration using a repeatable framework
  • • Extensibility facilitates smart meter and customer analytics

Key Benefits

  • Integrates via a common communications bus
    • Support for standards accelerates asset integration
    • Single point of integration facilitates ecosystem evolution
    • Integration packages expedite AMI integration
  • Accelerates AMI application integration
    • Standardized framework speeds up time-to-live
    • Repeatable processes lower integration costs
    • EAB integration utilities connect applications without coding
  • Facilitates smart meter and customer analytics
    • Extensible framework enables deep analysis
    • Network data can be accessed in real time
    • Discover, analyze and monitor energy use anomalies

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